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The President, being the head of the executive branch, would be effectively prosecuting himself, so it shouldn happen. While this would be a “strange” situation, there is no constitutional argument that this cannot happen. Further, it is clear that the founders were able create immunities where they wanted to, as evidenced by the short term prohibition on arresting a Congressperson during a legislative session.. It was more a case of Tyrion trying to win Tywin affection, until he saw his own father sentence him to death and have the only other woman he loved betray him, at which point he finally snapped and killed them both.ConfidentGarbage9 1 points submitted 17 hours agoThere no logic there though, you had no motivation for implying I was black and the only actions I had done were insulting them so it speaks more about you that you turn to making it baseless insults and racism.I also find it amusing you assume I suddenly talk about skin colour, when we talking hair colour.Blonde exclusively refers to hair, when describing someone by saying black it insinuates race not hair colour, it not so much me making assumptions as you failing to grasp the english language.CarlXVIGustav 2 points submitted 1 day agoThat honestly a pretty weak theory. The more likely reveal will be that the Night King was the child of a wildling (Bael the Bard) and the last living Stark at the 화성출장마사지 time, making all Starks not only bastards, but also descendants of the Night King. That child will also be revealed to have been called Jon Snow.That why all information surrounding these events were erased from the Stark history records, and Ygritte says Jon Snow is an evil name when she hears it.CarlXVIGustav 6 points submitted 1 day agoAre you kidding me? At no point in this video did they address the bias and false information in the 화성출장마사지 refugee video. So needless to say, there no basis at all to associate the term with that symbol. As for the symbol, it occurs on the Tngelgrda stone (which they moved just a few weeks ago guess what it weighs) and the Hammar I picture stone, both from Gotland, and on the Oseberg ship. Three places in all. If 70k a year hadn been stolen, that money could have hired a childcare professional(s) so parents can attend service, a van and driver to shuttle the elderly to church, annual banquet to thank people for their hours and hours of volunteer work, a pianist, choir director, maintenance for pipe organs, teaching materials for Sunday school, renovations for 100 year old bathrooms, sending kids to Christian camp, fun activities for teens so that they stay engaged and involved in church, etc. A lot of people in this thread seem to think that churches just don need money beyond bare operations or charity. The answer seems to be that Americans don use the floor the same way that Asians do. She has yet to do anything that shakes my trust in her reviews.She been open about her affiliate links and for the amount of products she reviews, I don begrudge her this. I understand her reluctance to test indie brands, especially if they are small.As one of her global visitors, there are a lot of UK and US indie brands that aren known internationally and I am not interested in them. I saw some criticism in the past that she rarely features indie brands, but I understood her reasons for that.When I go to her site, I search for the products that I can easily get my hands on.